Iris Launches Into the Wide World of Social Media!

Recently, Iris staff has been focusing on maintaining a “social presence” on Facebook and Twitter.

Social Presence is basically defined as a way of communicating via different types of software or technology, called “platforms”.

The two platforms Iris utilizes give us the opportunity to connect with people in a more personal way. Think of it as a modern day way of sharing a cup of coffee with a neighbor. Environmentally focused tidbits are discussed; changes in legislation announced and encouraging related stories are posted.

True to the Iris goal, we strive to provide inventive, comprehensive and successful strategies to all clients and projects.  Utilizing social media is one of the many effective methods we use to help clients achieve positive marketing results.

So, Friend us on Facebook by clicking Iris Waste Diversion Specialists and follow our tweets on Twitter @IrisWDS.  Share our posts with your social community and continue the coffee talk!

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