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Distinctly Iris – Performance Principles

At Iris, our energetic team strives to provide inventive, comprehensive and successful strategies to all clients and projects. Generating creative insight and opportunity is our specialty. We embody the following core performance principles as we propel every client and project to new heights.

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Committed to Client Satisfaction

Mediocrity is unacceptable at Iris where we strive to deliver more than our clients expect. We guarantee client satisfaction through regular communication and setting the highest performance standards for our staff. You can always count on service with a smile and working with people who really care about your program goals. We value the opportunity to serve our clients and gain the greatest satisfaction in knowing we have exceeded their expectations. At Iris, being the best is not an endpoint. It is our starting point.

Personalized Touch
Personalized Touch to Each Client and Project

Each client and project brings its own unique set of intricacies. Iris keeps these details at the forefront as we assist our clients to achieve their vision. Personalized service is our trademark and our customer-focused solutions will unlock the endless possibilities for your organization.

Creative Approach to Developing Sustainable Solutions

Iris brings a fresh approach to developing innovative and resourceful solutions by providing a sustainable foundation to all challenges, large and small. At Iris we look for creative solutions by thinking sideways, up-side down and outside of the box, breaking down the self-imposed limitations that often stifle projects.

Project Efficiency and Timeliness

Being efficient and timely are not just words at Iris. We look at these attributes as essential, identifiable actions that we integrate into each client’s project or plan. We know it’s important to our clients to get things done on time. At Iris, that doesn’t mean compromising quality. Our diligence from start to finish guarantees your project stays on schedule and that all details are handled. We pride ourselves in “doing things right” by “doing the right things”.

Dedicated Direction and Drive

Iris was founded with a desire to help others build effective environmental programs. We are dedicated and driven to assist clients in achieving success in unexpected areas. Iris energizes and drives program performance by directing our vision and our synergistic “put it into action approach” to every project. If you’re looking to get things done – look to Iris to make it happen.