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Distinctly Iris – Award Highlights

Sarah Archer, founder and director of Iris Waste Diversion Specialists has received many distinguished awards for her work throughout the state of Michigan. It is the mission of Iris to provide program development, management and educational services that support the protection of the natural world and its inhabitants while maintaining the vision to continuously strive to exceed the expectations of our clients while conducting business on a day-to-day basis guided by the principles of sustainability.

In 2010 the Chair’s Choice Award from the Michigan Recycling Coalition Chair of the Board was awarded to Sarah Archer for her years of work with the coalition. Sarah has provided leadership on a number of initiatives undertaken by the MRC over the past 17 years and continues to be a leader in her field.

Iris was recognized in 2006 as a Waste Knot Award Partner for exhibiting waste reduction and recycling leadership efforts during day-to-day business operations. The goal of the Waste Knot program is to develop relationships and highlight businesses within the Washtenaw County business community to increase waste reduction, recycling and use of recycled content product activities.

In 2003, the Michigan Recycling Coalition with their Outstanding Recycler of the Year Award recognized Sarah Archer as an environmental leader in the field of recycling and waste reduction. Each year the Michigan Recycling Coalition recognizes individuals, businesses and organizations throughout the state for innovative recycling, composting and waste management education programs. Recipients of the Outstanding Recycler of the Year Award are individuals who have made outstanding contributions and commitments to sustainable materials use and recovery.

In 2002, Sarah Archer was the recipient of the Highest Award for Achievement during her participation in the Dale Carnegie Course. Upon the completion of the course, Sarah’s class members voted her to be the recipient of this distinguished award. Dale Carnegie is considered to be a global leader in performance based business improvement through the practical principles of human development and empowerment.