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Distinctly Iris – Our Story

Iris Waste Diversion Specialists was established out of a deep respect for the Earth and a desire to protect it through effective education and environmental programs. After working successfully with programs from grassroots to institutional, Iris set out to help others build programs focused on changing behavior to achieve sustainable outcomes.

The company name and logo symbolize the Greek Goddess of the rainbow, Iris. As the messenger of the Gods, and restorer of peace in nature, Iris symbolizes the important message we carry to protect the Earth and her life giving resources.

Founder Sarah Archer, launched Iris in 2004. As lead resultant, her diverse background includes sales and marketing, training and development, volunteer management, resource recovery education, and solid waste management. Her years of front line experience in the resource recovery field as a municipal Environmental Education Coordinator, Coordinator of Waste and Recycling for the University of Michigan and Environmental Programs Coordinator for Oakland County, Michigan laid the inspiration and framework for the company.

Iris Waste Diversion Specialists’ team of resultants is made up of dedicated professionals with the skills, expertise and talent to make things happen.

Sarah Archer - Bio Picture

Sarah Archer President, CEO & Lead Resultant a.k.a. Save the Earth Sarah Length of time with Iris – Since day 1 I believe that a successful program combines a well-designed system with a visible education and marketing plan. Keeping waste at a minimum needn’t be dull! I love being creative at every step of the process to help my clients provide quality programs for their users.

I entered the professional field of Solid Waste Management in 1994 but my first recollection of treasure hunting was in 1968. I came away with a cool coin purse and a couple other relics and remember wondering why anyone would throw away such great stuff! I was raised by parents who definitely live a zero waste lifestyle. They are very clever re-users, my dad is handy at repairing things and they are both lifelong rummage sale and surplus shoppers. With parents like this, you might say that I was born to pass on these life lessons. I just wasn’t satisfied passing them on only to my kids, so here I am trying to make a larger impact.

I’m interested in natural health and healing. I love yoga. When I have time, I like to read about or watch movies set during the Elizabethan time period.

Saundra Porter-Riley - Bio Picture Saundra Porter-Riley Project Resultant a.k.a. Details Diva

Length of time with Iris – Since 2006 I enjoy the variety of clients and projects, with each my knowledge of the industry broadens and I truly enjoy that. I enjoy sharing what I’m learning with others around me who may not be as close to the ins- and outs as we are but who have a heartfelt interest in saving the earth just like me.

I hold a Bachelors of Science from Eastern Michigan University.

My hobbies include scrapbooking, photography, reading and watching movies.

Interesting fact about my strong work ethic is that it was influenced by the very amazing woman that started this company, my Sister! She has been a great influence on me not only when it comes to caring for our earth but in shaping many of the skills I use to work for her today. When I was a little girl she taught me to alphabetize my books, color code my closet and put everything in its place when I was done playing with it. Today, I put those organizational skills to work internally for Iris and externally for clients!

Tracy Purrenhage Project Coordinator a.k.a. Eco Educator

Length of time with Iris – Since 2013 I enjoy the diversity of my job. Working with different clients on a variety of tasks and projects from education, training and MRF tours to waste sorts, event planning and program implementation. It’s rewarding working in an industry with people that share the same passion for sustainability. I hold a Bachelors of Science in Natural Resource Management and Environmental Policy Studies from MSU (Sparty On!) back when there were trimesters.

My family keeps me busy with three teenage kids and a rescue dog named Higgins. Can you guess where the name Higgins comes from? In what spare time I have, I enjoy camping, trips to National Parks, riding quads and snowmobiles and playing strategic board games with my family. Lazy days and making memories up north too.

Two interesting things about me:

1. I’ve always wanted to be a National Park Ranger!

2. If you have ever seen the show “Edge of Alaska” on Discovery Channel, my husband and I have been to the town McCarthy (on our honeymoon many years ago).

Amy Freeman Composting Specialist a.k.a. Organics Maven

Length of time with Iris – Since 2015 I am passionate about waste!, particularly organics/food waste. Food waste to wasted food. Education, recovery, processing and utilization drives me.

My hobbies include fishing, gardening, yoga, hiking, music, cooking and eating great food.

I love people and value relationships. I am also a connector type person and look for ways to connect and support others.