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Ideas for a ‘greener’ garden

As you prepare to plant your prize winning garden put these ideas to use for a ‘greener’ garden.

  • Enjoy a weed free garden by using old newspapers for garden weed control. Wet the newspaper, place a thick layer in the garden and cover with bark or stones.
  • Use old stockings to tie up plants in the garden.
  • Use water from your rain barrel to water your garden.
  • Repurpose old mini-blinds as plant markers
  • Are your garden paths muddy after rainfall? Try this reuse idea to stabilize those footpaths. Put old window or door screens along the path for safer walking or barrowing.
  • Use empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls for seedling pots. Cut the roll in thirds; fill with potting soil and seedlings. When the seedlings are ready for planting plant the entire thing, the paper roll will decompose.
  • When freshening your pets’ water use the old water for your garden.

Just a few quick ways to be ‘green’ in the garden. Happy planting!

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